The Repentant Darkness

Today's Game [09/13/10]

Soot, Jenni and Stalk all introduced themselves to Ishlarana. They quickly decided to help the elf find the bodies of her fallen comrades and the treasure that they had originally been searching for. When they arrived at the temple, there were no bodies save for the ones of the fallen Warforged. The party entered the temple and were tested by many puzzles they had to solve. It took some time, but the party eventually made it to the center of the temple…

Story so far...

_The past few moments were almost more than your fragile mind could bear. You feel as if your mind is being stripped away as you tumble down a tunnel whose walls shimmer with every colour you can perceive and others that seem impossible. Your most cherished memories seem to be peeled from your consciousness, and your mind stuggles to cling to even your own name.

Suddenly, you are thrown from your extra-dimensional tunnel into a room with wood floorboards covered in a motley collection of pelts and furs that smell of roasted chestnuts. As you look around, you see a humanoid with a fox’s head in a purple robe traced with gold gently puffing on a large pipe. As you stand, the fox-like figure’s eyes open and focus on each of you. Chuckling softly, she opens her mouth to speak, but her voice is obscured by the loud ringing in your ears and flashes of an obsidian archway and a one-eyed, one-armed, skeletal man.

In the blink of an eye, the fox stands and places a silver ring with a set black stone. As your head clears of the ringing, you begin to hear the fox talk in a sharp female voice.

”…hurry up and put them on! The light is nearly gone, and you don’t seem to be too fond of darkness!” She cackles as if enjoying her own personal joke.


She moves to a small chest and takes out a red tube with gold caps and hands it to you.

“Deliver this to Lokshar, he said he needed it urgently, so be quick about it! His home was scavenged by Stone Pirates last week, so I’d expect to find him at the Pelor temple in the lower ward, now go!”

Right then, you notice that the room has no doors or windows you can see. There are no obvious exits other than a stone fireplace behind you, which you apparently tumbled out of. She claps her hands twice, turning the flames translucent and colourless. _

The party, after some discussion with Shemeshka about the rings, puts them on and exits through the fireplace.

_You emerge out of the fireplace onto a cobblestone street choked by a dense fog. The air is damp and cool, and tall men in white robes wander the streets lighting lanterns. The street apepars to curve upwards on either side of you, seemingly vertical at the end of your vision. A quick breeze blows away the patch of fog, revealing buildings upside down, directly above your head. In fact, the entire street appears to form a huge loop.

The denizens of this city you’ve stumbled into are as varied as the buildings. There seems to be races and architectural styles from every corner of existence populating the streets. The alleyways defy all logical patterns, with avenues and sidestreets diverting at random angles. The only thing somewhat consistient in the city are the pairs of pale lantern lighters._

The party is able to recall details from their past and correctly identifies the place as Sigil. They attempt unsuccessfully to communicate with the tall men, and are soon caught in a confrontation with four Ogres. The ogres are dispatched rather easily, and the party continues on to the Lower Ward.

_You pass by a tiny marble temple, barely larger than a halfling’s hole with a shining emblem of Pelor. Inside, you hear the echoing voice of a single chanter, speaking in a language you do not understand.

“Lord Pelor, let my soul again be light.”_

They deliver the tube to Lokshar, who turns out to be a devil. He claims to be seeking redemption and is trying to ascend to angel status again. Inside the tube is a scroll and an astral diamond, which is given to the party. Lokshar reveals that the scroll is key to his ascension, but before he can read it, an angel bursts in and demands the scroll be handed over and the devil submit himself to be destroyed. The party helps negotiate a compromise where the scroll is returned, but Lokshar is given the chance to vacate himself from Sigil.

After leaving, Lokshar agrees to help the party remove the rings Shemeshka put on them. He hints at a certain plane that the rings can be removed in. He also states that they have to travel through the Shadowfell, and the only portal he knows of that can be accessed requires the tentacle of a displacer beast. The party finds a drow house that supposedly has a displacer beast in their chambers.

After a short combat, where the leader of the drow is dispatched in a most brutal fashion by the elf, the drow surrender and the displacer beast is handed over along with the possessions of the murdered drow.

The group travels to the Shadowfell where Kolateral leaves the party and they are joined by a planar guide, Beest De’Wilde. Lokshar tells the party of a treasure, with a massive worth, hidden within a temple there in the Shadowfell and the party agrees to venture to the Temple. Lokshar waits with the Raven Queen. Along the way, the party encounters a swamp full of undead creatures. After a long fight, the party finishes the creatures off, but the displacer beast ran off sometime during the fight. They ran after it and eventually managed to wrestle it back into their control. Shortly after, they came across the temple, guarded it seemed by two large Warforged.

The party began combat with the Guardians and the Temple itself came to life and began attacking. Unfortunately for the party, the Warforged seemed to be too much and Beest and Bennjaymenon were quickly overwhelmed. Ishlarana took the displacer beast and barely made it out with her life. She began to mourn her comrades and swore fealty to the Raven Queen herself if she would send her some form of assistance…

Three Characters find themselves inexplicably in the Shadowfell: Jenni (Sa’Tori), Stalk and Soot. They need to make their way back to the Material Plane, and they soon find themselves in the employ of the Raven Queen herself, and were set out into an Elven realm to recover a magical artifact; the Feather of a White Crow. They were attacked by elves in the woods, and then found their way into an elven city of sorts. They were taken by some guards into the Astral Sea to be taken to Turoth, “the White Crow”. When they reached their destination, they killed the entire crew of the Astral transport, leaving but one alive.

After being taken through a gauntlet, the party was successful and were transported to a swamp where they met a rather interesting (and upset) Elven maiden…


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